Boiler Service Trawden

JF Plumbing & Gas Services are a local firm who are able to provide a boiler service in Trawden and the local area. As a Gas Safe registered engineer I am qualified to carry out a boiler a service safely and competently. The majority of the service and inspection relates to checking for any leaks, while the rest will be spent ensuring your boiler is working efficiently and safe.

Please call 07932 033 009 and ask for John Fawcett to book your Boiler Service in Colne and the local area.

The service should be done once a year, not only to prolong the life of the boiler but to increase the efficiency of your boiler and heating system.

 Boiler Service Prices

Service prices start from £45 plus cost of the parts. Please note if during the service it becomes apparent that the boiler additional parts, then this will increase the price. Remedial work to deal with extra services or faults will be quoted for during the inspection.

Boiler service Trawden include a five-point gas safety check:

  • Internal and External Visual Check – We’ll ensure that your system complies with all of the necessary gas safety standards and regulations.
  • Pre Boiler Service Check – The boilder will be testing in hot water and central heating mode to check for any obvious issues.
  • Main Component Check – The boiler service will include the remove the cover and check the main components for any damage.
  • Electrical Component Check – Boiler is power correctly from consumer unit to boiler.
  • Gas Safety Check – The boiler is operating safely, combustion, ventilation, gas supply and safety cut off.

An annual service is recommended by Gas Safe as a good precaution. It will ensure that your current system is operation to peak performance, ensure against Carbon Monoxide leaks and prolong it lifespan.

Service Boilers Trawden
Boiler Service Trawden

Boilers work hard in our households. They heat our water and our radiators every day and we never really stop to think about the wear and tear they take on as part of the process.

The service should take between 45 minutes and an hour but no two boilers are identical, so depending on the current state of the boiler, servicing and inspection can take longer.

If you would like a free no obligation quotation for a boiler service Trawden and the local area please call JF Plumbing & Gas Services on 07932 033 009 to arrange an appointment.